Zhuzhou Tianqiao shunchen Coal Preparation Machinery Co., Ltd. has experienced the development and growth from Zhuzhou Coal Washing Machinery Plant to Zhuzhou Tianqiao Yuchen Coal Preparation Machinery Co., Ltd. It has become a well-known enterprise in the research, development, design and manufacturing of coal washing and processing equipment in China. The company has strong technical strength, and its professional and technical personnel with middle and senior professional titles account for 40% of the employees. The company has perfect processing equipment, advanced testing technology, and has established a new product research and development center, quality testing center and other professional institutions; the company implements 6S, ERP management, and passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification. The company is committed to establishing the national brand Xichen. It is the honorary winner of the first National Top Ten Coal Preparation Equipment Manufacturing Plant in 2003, the Top Ten SMEs in Zhuzhou City, the Little Giant Plan Enterprise in Hunan Province, and the High-tech Institute of Hunan Province.



R & D team

1、The R&D team of the company has been focusing on the design and manufacture of coal preparation equipment for decades, and has rich experience in the industry.
2、Establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with scientific research institutes, form a strong theoretical system of peripheral R&D, and broaden the field of vision of industry internationalization.



Technical force

1 High-tech Enterprises in Hunan Province
2 Establishment of New Product Research and Development Center
3 There are 7 senior engineers and 15 engineers.
4 More than 30 patents for invention and utility model


Whole process production technology: blanking, pretreatment, riveting, machining, assembly, paint. More than 40 workers in core industries. 


Regional advantages

Zhuzhou is an important hub city that runs through the north and the South and connects the East and the west. It has unique advantages in transportation.

Resources superiority

Zhuzhou is an ecological and livable city characterized by modern industrial civilization.
It is known as the cradle of electric locomotives in China and the capital of electric locomotives in China.

Strategic advantage
Integration: the research and development, manufacture and sale of coal preparation equipment as the main body
Two Wings: Integrating New Energy Products and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems into Two Wings

Would Like To Meet You

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